Edge IOT

Go Offline, Get reliable.



Retrofit your existing infrastructure sensors, cctv cameras, through dhar to enable Autonomous edge intelligence, private ground to ground communication across fleet and warehouse


Infinite Opportunities from Infinite Data

Combining the real and digital worlds becomes possible with our comprehensive Digital Twin approach. It enables integration of the entire product lifecycle with the factory and plant life cycle, along with performance data. The result is a continuous loop of optimization, both for the product and the production.


Private Ground Network

LoRa Powered Systems allows sensors and devices to communicate real-time data ground to ground over private decentralized network.


Scale Horizontally

Real-Time Track & Trace through digital twins across all the warehouse, devices and fleets in one command and control


Works Offline

Detects, identifies, stores and Sync Data with the network in case the systems face any network issue.


Prevent DDoS Attacks

Common Edge IoT systems are prone to DDos Attacks across the systems. Our Consensus mechanism prevents any DDoS, allowing you to keep your data on premise without compromising.