Autonomous Machines

Autonomous machines revolutionize our economy greatly by improving the efficiency in delivery, transportation, manufacturing, and many other sectors.


Autonomous Security & Tracking System

Image and Video Processing for Surveillance. Use of CHOKIDR™ for drones (UAV or UGV) for security tracking and monitoring. Integration of surveillance systems to ensure human detection or continuous tracking. Autonomous systems and distributed drone surveillance system for tracking and targeting a particular ordinance.


Systems that work offline

interconnected systems or devices, which can be seen in our everyday lives, such as surveillance, robotic and autonomous systems, are assisted or enhanced by AI algorithms in collecting, processing and analyzing data to determine the appropriate response or action. The larger and connected world that we live in dictates a growing need for a wide coverage of both agriculture and human activity monitoring. This can be achieved via a distributed surveillance system which incorporates a robotic drone system executing AI algorithms to monitor, control and determine the appropriate action to be taken in the shortest time possible even when offline;


Reliable Data

Due to increase the incorporation of complex systems combining robotics with AI into the surrounding environment. Integration of the different fields of AI and robotics into CHOKIDR™ allows for the creation of complex connected systems.