Accelerating Autonomous Safety & Security

Chokidrâ„¢ state of the Art Security & Threat Detection platform, designed to improve safety, autonomy, & efficiency of people.

software in devices
face recog

Command & Control

Get real time information across your organization, members and devices under one single unified dashboard.

fire fighters

Autonomous Machines

Autonomous machines revolutionize our economy greatly by improving the efficiency in delivery, transportation, manufacturing, and many other sectors.

Connecting people and things

A world like no other.
A simple, well-connected, Decentralized application for people, companies and things with powerful privacy preserving network-wide insight generation can help foster more collaboration and generate significant value for all the participants.


Decentralized Identities for Humans, Devices and Things.
Identities contains data such as public keys, enabling the holder to prove ownership over their personal data. Verifiable Credentials are statements about the holder. They can be verified online or in person, and the holder decides who to share them with.

Edge IOT

Connect Dhar and Sub-second feedback even while being offline through LoRaWAN and Inbuilt 5G with Legacy Retrofiting.

Social Footprint

Reduce Carbon foot print of your organisation.
Blockchain technology helps businesses to bring credibility to their carbon offsetting strategies to backup their net zero commitments with public transparency.