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You’re backhauling data to a cloud that’s far away, miles away...
Said - ‘cloud’

    Next-generation applications and services require a new computing infrastructure that delivers low latency networks and high-performance computing at the extreme edge of the network. Industry sensors and cameras are sensing things in the real world and taking action on the information.

  • Connect IP,BLE,RFID, Thermal, LiDAR Enabled Sensor systems to Leverage Edge Inferring for Instant Response

  • Dual CoreProcessor System with integrated FPGA module customized for Hashes & Hash graphs.

  • Integrated Battery Backup for upto 8hours. **

  • Ground to Air Coverage via 5G

  • Ground to Ground Coverage via LoRaWAN

  • IP67 Enabled Enclosure to work under extreme Conditions

  • Point Scale IoT, to Retrofit, existing Fleet and Asset systems


AI on edge

here is an urgent need to push the frontiers of artificial intelligence (AI) to the network edge to fully unleash the potential of big data. Edge AI is the combination of edge computing and AI.

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Connecting to different devices, IP Cameras, BLE Sensors Enabled Devices, LoRaWAN enabled Sensors

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Ground to Ground Communication

Connected through the LoRaWan network and you can communicate between end-devices and multiple ground stations to assist in coordination between agencies to ensure a safe and efficient execution of operations.

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Detect and identify any incident even when you are offline.

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Military-Grade autonomy and data protection device that is Adaptable, Scalable and Affordable.

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