Creating Independent, Sustainable & Compliance based Eco-system for Governments, Industries and Agencies.

  • privacy
    Cloud Connect™ Retrofit Your IPCamera Infrastructure via ONVIF™
  • intelligence
    Public x Private Network using LoRaWAN™, 5G™ and LAN™ Networks
  • governance
    Offline Sensing and storage, syncs via Monk™ across all the systems.
  • governance
    On-premise storage of information & Analytics on DHAR™.
  • privacy
    RetroFit Legacy Sensors RFID, BLE, 5G via DHAR™ with click of a button.
  • coordinating devices
    Verify Critical Data Across Organization, People & things using ZKPs
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Cloud Connect

Click, Connect & Integrate your legacy Infrastructure, Fleet and Members into a common eco-system with multi-tenancy permissions and views

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Go offline

Our Propriety hardware systems allows you to take your data on-premise, adhere to compliance and create offline systems which scale horizontally deeply easing impacting the financial efficiency and compliance.

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G2A, G2G Communication

Create Private G2G Communication across locations, sensors and communication services via LoRaWAN.

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Multi Location & Devices

Integrate your organization across multiple locations, fleet into one common eco-systems to give you complete control over the track & trace, across your organization through single command and control centre on your phone.

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Legacy Retrofitting

Retro-fit your existing infrastructure and harness the power of state of the art blockchain and artificial intelligent algorithms.

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Zero Fee

Public Network runs at zero fees for any data verification or transfers that happens across the network. Organizations can create their own private network through our propriety hardware and LoRaWAN.

Leverage the power of Decentralization and Private network for your organization!
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