Building Ethical, Responsible & Dependable AI for everyone.

Salient features
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    Fog computing
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    Deep learning
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    Data Integration
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Autonomous Machines

Autonomous Prediction & Actions on the edge. Get critical insights, and aid your team with critical information from sensors, real-time data of your organization, being even offline.

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Edge IoT

Create a shared, secure and immutable view of the truth, delivering transformable new levels of transparency, efficiency and opportunity through Digital Twins.



Intelligent Video Analytics

Security & Safety are transforming human lives. enterprises face challenges with using existing infrastructure to power these applications. The CHOKIDR™ platform provides a unified infrastructure to power both traditional and modern organization, and their data from center to edge.


AI Over 5G & LoRaWAN™

Connect Billions of Devices, Harnessing the power of AI & Blockchain in a infinite eco-system over Monk™ Network over 5G & LoRaWAN. Deploy Solutions on Premise or Cloud or over IoT devices.


Autonomous AI
Everywhere to Anywhere

Securely Deploy, Manage and scale your infrastructure across distributed edge infrastructure. Fleet & Sensor Integration Manage the lifecycle of deployment, security and detailed monitoring of your organization.