Why Choose Happymonk?


Artificial Intelligence on Demand

We’ll help you achieve true organisational resilience by delivering comprehensive services through our expertise, our specialised scientific division.

Our consultants will guide you towards a scientific posture that perfectly aligns with your business objectives, supported by continuity plan and safeguard your operations as we continuously work to improve your business.

Dataset as Service

Access Real and Synthetic Datasets for your Business and industries that are specially designed and tested to improve the efficiency of your business systems, so that we establish better in the real world scenarios.


Managed AI Service

High availability and the rapid, proactive resolution of issues allows your employees to keep performing at their best and delivering the value your customers expect.

Through our skills and resources, we will help you secure your business and wellness of your employees. Our research is tailor-made to fit your business objectives to facilitate efficient and reliable operations.


Industries we sever

Our cutting edge infrastructure allows us to simplify & cover a vast range of Industries, Agencies and verticals.
Giving security, true sense of security.


Advance Decentralised Surveillance System