Blockchain-Powered Video Surveillance and Incident
Collaboration Platform for Infrastructure Security

We protect millions of people in organisations by empowering business
professionals with massive AI and organised incident management platform

Infrastructure Survellience

Get an eye on your entire infrastructure in the palm of your hands. Scale the cameras and sensors with breeze into your system and get grip on your infrastructure without bridging into privacy concerns.


Collabrative Incident Management

Get instant view on all the critical incidents and events, assign or call the local assistance at one single go. Track all the happenings of the incident through the mobile or web dashboard application.


Blockchain Access KYM

Use the power of block chain based authentication to get critical updates across critical junction in your organisation. With Facial Recognition, Vehicle Recognition, Know when people and items come and go into your organisation.


People & Fleet Tracking

Track the movements of your organisation and your people without hindering their privacy. Ensure the operations of your organisation is running smoothly in the system. 


Anti-Hazard & Theft System

In-built Anti-Hazard, Anti-Theft mechanism alert the critical people in the organisation so that a proper response in taken on the product.


Wellness Tracking

Track Wellness and Maintainence in your organisation through UV Systems and ensure that your business is running 24/7.

Transform all CCTV cameras into your smart
agents, working 24/7

Connect your cameras and sensors to our cloud

Download the mobile application & connect to your system

Start Recieving Critical Insights to your organsation in your fingertips.

Network Designed for Privacy

Chokidr enables instant search across the Big Data of CCTV
video and real-time crime detection, using the most
advanced machine learning algorithms.