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Our video analytics solutions offer advanced features to enhance security and efficiency across industries. With real- time monitoring and analytics, you can make informed decisions to optimize business operations.

Smart AI-based Video Analytics Platform

  • artificial intelligence
    Autonomous Surveillance & Security

    Keep Your Business Safe, No Matter What.

  • industrial systems
    Industrial Systems

    Stay Ahead of the Game with Real-Time Insights and Optimization.

  • edge servers
    Edge Servers

    Enhance Your Surveillance and Sensors with Lightning-Fast Edge Processing.

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Industry Specific Solutions
  • manufacturing
  • retail
  • transportation
  • finance
  • healthcare

Our Technologies

  • activity recognition
    Human Behaviour Detection

    Real-time analysis of human behaviour and actions, identifying over 200 types of actions and behaviours.

  • facial recognition
    Identity Profiling

    Advanced facial recognition technology for biometric identification, re-identification, and activity tracking, including automated biometric attendance through surveillance.

  • anomaly detection
    Animal Intrusion & Attacks

    Detecting and identifying animals for government agencies, for wildlife conservation and environmental monitoring.

  • intrusion and loitering detection
    Loitering & Threat Detection

    Monitoring video footage to detect individuals or groups remaining in an area for an extended period without any specific purpose, triggering an alert.

What We Offer

artificial intelligence
Autonomous Surveillance & Security

With a comprehensive range of features to help monitor your premises effectively. With real-time alerts and notifications, ensure the safety and security of your assets.

artificial intelligence
Edge Analytics Hardware

Enterprise-grade solutions to process data at the edge, without the need for a centralised server. Server options ranging from 8-64 cameras.

artificial intelligence
Web-Based Video Management System

A user-friendly interface to manage and monitor your video analytics solutions. It allows you to access video data from anywhere, at any time.

artificial intelligence
Mobile App-Based Video Management

Our mobile application offers a user-friendly interface to access and manage your video analytics solutions on-the-go.

Our Partners

  • manufacturing
  • retail
  • transportation
  • finance
  • healthcare

Sensor fusion and Analytics

home analytics

Travel agencies have an increase of 20% in customer satisfaction with Chokidr. SRS travels - Cameras and Sensors - Human intervention.

Smart Artificial Intelligence

Smart AI

State of the Art AI that is capable of object identification, facial identification with enhanced deep learning and machine learning algorithms at the back - Bringing more power to you!

Case Studies

supply chain and transportation

Supply Chain and Transportation

supply chain and transportation

Industries and Organisation

supply chain and transportation



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