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Worried about critical systems going offline?
  • autonomous
  • Decentralised
  • edge computed
    Edge Computed
  • edge computed
Revolution Atom

Revolution through Innovation

  • autonomous_machines
    Autonomous Machines
  • Cyber Physical Systems
    Cyber Physical Systems
  • C4I Systems
    C4I Systems
  • On-Machine Compute Systems
    On-Machine Compute Systems

    Enabling machines to perceive, identify, manipulate & aid, the world around them.

  • Decentralized, Offline & Localized
    Decentralized, Offline & Localized

    Take information management & keep data in your premises and enable local processing of sensors and data.

  • Intelligent Video & Sensor Analytics
    Intelligent Video & Sensor Analytics

    Get Realtime actionable insights, from wide variety of IoT gateways and Edge Devices.


Imagine a world where you could provide your location proof, without giving away the actual location of the entity. A world where your Identity is verified without having to share your personal details such as age, date of birth. A world where data that is sent to authorities are reliable and not sent to wrong personal. The imagination just got real.

Protokollo provides
  • location
    Proof of Location
  • Proof Doc
    Proof of Activity
  • Authority
    Proof of Authority

Would you like to improve your workforce productivity?

home analytics

Track & Trace critical events and movements of workforce, enabling easier compliance, aiding human decisions and removing human dependency.
Remove Friction, Enable greater workforce collabration and streamline productivity.

Do you imaging a safer workplace environment?

Smart AI

Detect, Identify and take action on critical action points across your organisations under one single dashboard.
Save millions of dollars and improve workplace safety and enjoy better people satisfaction.


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